There are many beauty products on the market and making the right product choice is, sometimes, challenging. Did you know that certain foods can be excellent natural substitutes for your beauty routine? Here's a list of 10 foods that are rather beneficial and that will work miracles for you!


    • 1. Green Tea


Thanks to winter, our complexion becomes dull in this cold season. Green tea, when it's consumed, is excellent to fight this phenomenon. Its antioxidants help to prevent and alter cellular skin damage. Your skin will be firmer and will have a healthy and youthful appearance. Ahh, eternal youth!

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    • 2. Fish and Seafood


Fish and seafood both contain Omega-3, which allows your skin to fight inflammatory substances, meaning, goodbye pimples! Omega-3 is also good to lessen stress and its known to slow down wrinkle formation.


Fish and See Food

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    • 3. Vegetable oil


Pollution and shampoo can be damaging for the balance and the health of your scalp. To fight that phenomenon, simply coat your hair with vegetable oil, wrap them in a towel and sleep with it as is, overnight.

The type of vegetable oil varies depending on your need:

    • • Almond oil: to calm irritated and dry scalps (dandruff)

    • • Mint oil: to stimulate hair growth

    • • Olive oil: to nourish dry, broken and fragile hair

    • • Coco oil: to get shinier and stronger hair


Ps: Do this hair mask only once a week, otherwise your hair will become greasy.

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      • 4. Carrots


Carrots are not only good for your eyes! When you eat carrots, their nutriments (antioxidants and vitamin A) protect your skin and they'll make your tan last. They're also good to protect your teeth and gums. Carrots are more beneficial when you eat them raw, that way, their proprieties are retained better.

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        • 5. Strawberries



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Did you know that you'll whiten your teeth by brushing them with mashed strawberries? It's even more effective, if you mix the puree with baking soda.

Ps: Don't use this mix more than once or twice a week.



      • 6. Cucumbers


The antioxidants contained in cucumbers are good to fight dark circles. This process is effortless and gives really great results. You just need to cut two slices of cucumber, put them under your eyes and just relax for the next 15-30 minutes.





      • 7. Water


Did you know that you need to drink 1,5L of water every day to keep hydrated? We often forget just how water can be beneficial for our health and our skin. It helps your skin to keep its elasticity and keeps it moisturized. It's also effortless and cheap.



      • 8. Dark Chocolate


Yummy! Dark chocolate (with a minimum 70% of cacao) helps improve the appearance of your skin by keeping it younger and softer. It also protects your skin from UV light. It's also a natural antidepressant, which plays on your mood to make you smile!

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      • 9. Grapes


Grapes are great for your hands. When massaging them, in a puree, on your fingers, it makes your cuticles go away and it naturally moisturizes your hands.

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      • 10. Natural Yogurt


This one is to soften and moisturize your skin. Perfect for your dry skin. Because of its lactic acid, used as a face mask, natural yogurt is the perfect facial scrub.


Natural Yogurt

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