It's almost Halloween and time for a costume. Choosing your costume is extremely important. You always want to find a costume that is both original and creative, and this is why I believe that the best costumes are those that you make yourself. By creating your own costume you will ensure that it is unique and it can also contain a touch of your personality which will make it that much more original. For my part, my mother is a seamstress and I have always had handmade costumes, so over time, I started to like it and I realized that designing your own costumes was much more fun because it just had no limit. So for those who still do not have their Halloween costume, here are 5 costume ideas that you can do yourself!


The piñata costume

The basic idea is really simple, you can cut tissue paper tabs or even buy garlands from Dollarama and cut them. Then, take a dress and glue the tabs to the dress using hot glue. Get the colors you want and if you are not comfortable with a dress, you can also use a short and a camisole. For your accessories, you can also use your leftover tissue paper or garlands, or just wear colors that go with your outfit. A great idea that I also have, is to use two party hats and decorate them also using tissue paper. Walk around with your stick, you'll be the sensation of the Halloween night!


The Wednesday costume

Who remembers the Addams family? My suggestion to disguise yourself as Wednesday is very simple. You need a black dress with long sleeves preferably, a white shirt with a collar, or just the collar of a shirt. If you have dark and long hair, you can simply make two braids, and if they are light colored or short, you can use a black wig. Remember to separate your hair at the middle. For this costume, the small details are essential to achieve this dark look. Make sure to get yourself some black nail polish, some dark tights as well as black shoes! No need for extravagant earrings or heavy makeup as you should be aiming for a pale skin color. For those who want to go a little further can also use black lipstick.


The "Where is Waldo?" costume

Nothing is easier than to go for the “where is Waldo” costume. In order to do so, you absolutely need to find a sweater with stripes. Once you have it, pants or a jeans skirt can do the job. You can add a hat to your style, with beige shoes and rectangular glasses. If you have a small dog, you can also disguise it, but good luck in making it wear glasses!

The Edward Scissorhands costume


Here's a little challenge for those who really want to be the sensation of the evening! For this costume there's no limit to your imagination. You will need black leather clothing, do not worry, real leather or fake leather, whichever you can get your hands on. You also need black belts in order to really create the look of Edward. For the hair you have 2 choices, make your hair all messy just like his hair style, or just get an old wig! The biggest challenge for this costume is getting the hands done properly. I have several ideas for you: you can use gloves and create the scissors with aluminum foil and cardboard. You can also recreate his hands using scissors but I personally find this to be too dangerous although it is more realistic. The more accessories you can come up with, the better the outfit will be. When it comes to the makeup, all you need is to get a pale complexion with black eyes and lips.



To be the most attractive scarecrow, you need: a checkered sweater, trousers or overalls jeans, boots, a straw hat or a cardboard hat. You can add straw to your shirt sleeves and also sticks in order not to bend your arms (of course if it is not comfortable you can remove them during the evening). For your makeup use your creativity, a little clownish makeup style is ideal. Remember your fork and you are ready!


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And you, what are you wearing this Halloween?