Since high school I've changed my hair style almost every season, I've tried so many colors and different hair styles. I don't regret it because that's how I found my own look and style, but now I'm realizing that hair damage takes a long time to repair. That's why today, at 24 years old, I finally found some small tricks to have long and healthy hair! So here are 5 tricks to make your hair longer and stronger!


1. Shampoo


A good suggestion I have for you is to find the best quality shampoo for your hair type, recently I decided to use a salon shampoo that my hairdresser suggested to me. I can tell you that even if I color my hair every 3 weeks my hair still grows and feels healthy! If you don't really know your hair type you could ask your hairdresser which shampoo is the best for your hair type.



2. Eat well


The best way to have nice hair is to stay healthy, if you are healthy you hair is as well, try to eat well and take lots of vitamins and proteins. Don't eat too much junk food, replace it with vegetables and fruits. Drink water!

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3. How to wash your hair?


I used to wash my hair every day, but now I just discovered that washing your hair every day is probably what causes the most damage to your hair. I wash my hair only 2 or 3 times a week and I can tell you that after only 2-3 months I can already see the difference. For you girls who love to wash their hair every day, try to use a dry shampoo, which is the best way to resist at least 2-3 days without washing your hair.



4. Hair cut true or false?


I cannot tell you to cut your hair every month, but I can tell you that not cutting your hair is not helping them stay healthy. When you notice your hair becoming very thin and you have split ends you should trim them a little bit to help keep them strong. In my case I try to trim them every 6 weeks.



5.No stress


Stress can make a change in your hair, in my case the more I'm stressed the more dandruff I have. The best way to reduce your stress is to exercise and try to maintain a positive energy. Massaging your head help your blood flow, which will help your hair grow. Relaxing your head at least once a week with massages or hair masks can also be helpful.



Do you have some tricks to share?