I don't know if you're like me, but the bigger my purse is, the more I stuff it with like letters, makeup, snacks, receipts and more... The space is not the problem, the problem is the waste of time looking for what I need inside my purse. I did my spring cleaning so here are, without a doubt, the 5 essential things I must have in my purse:

Top 5 essentials for your purse | Joshua Perets


1. A Wallet:


Even though it takes lots of room, having a wallet is essential. Instead of taking 10 minutes looking for your debit card in your purse, looking for it in your wallet is more practical. If you're like me, a wallet avoids having loose change all over your purse. It's easier to find everything in your wallet.


1. A wallet | Top 5 Essentials for your purse



2. A Keychain:


I'm taking the time to say keychain and not just a key ring. Over a period of time I have accumulated a lot of things in my purse and having a keychain always helped me find my keys. I know that some of you like having just their keys inside their pockets, but if you're carrying that purse everywhere why not have a nice looking keychain to go in it. House keys, car keys, work keys etc... all find themselves in the same place, inside your purse.

2. A keychain | Top 5 Essentials for your purse


3. A Good Hand Cream:


At work, at school or in our free time our hands are the ones who suffer the most. We change environments all the time from cold to hot, even the soap we use, affects their hydration. It is not the end of the world to have dry skin, but it's always nice to have them well moisturized. That's why, having a small hand cream in your purse, is always a good thing.

3. A Good Hand Cream | The 5 Essentials for your purse



4. Tampons:


I've had this habit for a long time and I always give this advice to my friends. I always have two or three tampons in my purse. We all know when that time of the month arrives, sometimes sooner, I think it has happened to us or someone you know, to be caught by a bad surprise. That's why having tampons just in case, is never a bad idea, not to mention they're practically weightless.

4. Tampons | Top 5 Essentials for your purse



5. A lip balm or lipstick:


I am far from being the girl who puts on a beautiful red lipstick to go to work, but I do take time to moisturize my lips. Dry air, the sun and the cold among others affect the hydration of our lips and having a good lip balm within reach is always a good idea.

5. A Lip Balm or Lipstick | Top 5 Essentials for your purse


And you, what do you keep in your purse?