Hey, it's April fool's this week and we have lots of silly ideas for all of you pranksters! Keep this list close by, so you can prank all year long, ha ha ha.


    • 1. No foam soap


This one's really simple and yet so funny. Take a bar of soap and paint it with a transparent nail polish. The nail polish won't make the soap lather, muahah!




    • 2. Cereal madness


Switch the bags in your cereal box. Your mom will be really surprised when she'll open her favorite healthy cereal to find your Fruit Loops!

Credit: Giphy


      • 3. Everything's alive!


Stick some googly eyes everywhere! In the fridge or in your dad's office, this prank will surely get a good laugh! Make sure you do it before they wake up!




        • 4. The Oreo trick


All you need to pull this prank off is an Oreo cookie and some white toothpaste. Replace the Oreo filling with the toothpaste… Voilà, you're a genius!

PS: Make sure you keep a few Oreos intact, you'll still want to enjoy them later!

Credit: Giphy


      • 5. Stuffed shoes


Your mom will find it really odd that her shoes don't fit her anymore. Stuff her shoes with toilet paper. Make sure you put it at the front so she won't notice the tissue before she puts her shoes on.




    • 6. Cover the sensor on your TV remote control


Grab all the remotes, cover the sensors with clear scotch tape. That way your brother/sister won't be able to change the TV channels!




    • 7. Grossed out!


Put some plastic bugs in unexpected places such as in the cereal box, the fridge, in shoes…..even the bed….. GROSS!





    • 8. A touch of salt


Take your family's toothbrushes and sprinkle salt all over them. They'll wonder why the toothpaste tastes so salty!




    • 9. The classic


Here's a classic for you guys! You probably already know this one, but I'll tell you anyways. Using regular paper, or colorful cardboard, simply cut a shape of a fish, put some doubled sided tape on the back of the fish and discreetly stick it on your friends' back!





    • In case you want to use a JP fishy we made a cut out just for you :D !