I don't know about you guys, but every year, when it comes time for back to school, my parents would always leave everything for the last minute. It was always a stressful period as we would leave Staples (Bureau en Gros) for the day before school started. This would also mean that my parents would have to stay up very late in order to make sure my books and pencils were all ready for the first day of school.

As I got older, I found myself dealing with all the stress that came with getting organized and ready for back to school. I thought that it was a normal thing to have to run around to buy my course books and supplies. I would often find myself waiting in huge lines, which at times have also caused me to arrive late for my classes.


At the age of 24, I find myself to be a much more organized person; I find that I have evolved a lot with respect to my schedule, budget and purchasing decisions. This is why I am here to share with you some tips and tricks to better prepare yourself for the back to school season!


1. Budget:


Back to school is a very expensive time of year, especially for those students who have to work part time. This is why I strongly suggest to budget in advance for thee expenses that will be associated with back to school. For those of you in Cegep or University, remember to set part of your pay aside for your course enrolments, books, clothes and parking pass if you drive to school. A great way to prepare for this is to have a separate bank account which you will only use for your expenses.



2. Food, food & more food!


I find that one of the most crucial steps when it comes time for back to school is meal planning. Money runs out quickly if you do not pack proper snacks and lunches to last you the day. Especially since food on campus is always more expensive. A suggestion would be to plan your meals around your school schedule, so that you can know which types of food to bring, depending on the time of day. The more prepared you are, the more likely you will be able to afford to buy some lunches at school.



3. Books & Supplies:


To save as much money on back to school books and supplies, make sure to frequently check online or the flyers for weekly specials. Stores like Staples (Bureau en Gros) offer different promotions depending on the week, therefore you can maximize your savings by being familiar with these promotions. Your books may also be found online and many times they are much cheaper than at your school bookstore. Another alternative is to check the used book store, where you can find most textbooks at a significant discount!



4. Originality:


We can't deny the fact that we are all the same when it comes time for back to school. We all want to fill our wardrobe and locker with original and in styles items! I recently found out that Best Buy sells school bags online that are both great looking and priced. You can browse their selection of bags by clicking here.

Another place to find great school or hand bags is on Amazon! By buying online, you have a much smaller chance in buying the same bag as one of your school friends. To browse some bags from Amazon, click here.

The same process is true when you shop for clothes! It can become much more practical and convenient to shop online as you have access to a much greater variety of clothing, styles and sizes. At Joshua Perets we offer a great variety of ladies and girls clothing that would help you achieve the perfect look for back to school! The advantage of choosing our clothing is that we always offer superior quality and comfort. Also keep in mind that you are supporting a local Quebec business! Click here to browse our latest Ladies collection, and click here for our latest Girl's collection.

Rentrée Scolaire par Joshua Perets


5. Schedule:


Being on vacation compared to being in school are two completely different worlds. One last useful piece of advice that I will give you guys is to get back to a stable schedule and routine. The ideal situation is to start this process gradually and start sleeping earlier in order to give your body the proper amount of sleep that it needs. This is a very important step because as much as it may seem that classes in the beginning of the semester are the easiest, they are the most important for your success in the end!

5. Horraire | Rentrée Scolaire


Feel free to share with us any other tips & tricks that can help make the back to school process easier!