All women dream of staying young forever. The skin is probably the first part of your body that you should care for the most. There are many products to use and there's no miracle cream to completely prevent wrinkles. But yes, there are good habits for you to adopt to give you good looking and healthy skin. These are my top 5 good habits to have beautiful facial skin.


1. Daily routine


A daily washing is never more than twice a day. You should wash your face in the morning and at night. I can't tell you which product to use, but only how to choose the best one for you. You should use the one that suits your age and for your skin type. Before buying a daily cleanser make sure you know your skin type: normal, oily , dry or sensitive. With this information you can choose the best products for your skin.

1. Daily Routine | 5 Good Habits to Have Beautiful SKin



2.Warm, warm!


The best water temperature to wash your face with is warm, because if it's too hot or too cold it can be very bad for your skin. Some people believe that the hot water it can open your pores and cold water can close them. In fact, hot or cold water doesn't help, the only thing hot or cold water does is cause irritation, scale your skin or dilate vessels. So just use warm water and always make sure to use a clean towel that's only for your face.

1. Warm, warm! | 5 Good Habits to Have Beautiful SKin



3. Crema Solar Porfavor!


The skin of your face is more sensitive than you think. Believe me, applying sunscreen to your face before sun exposure may prevent wrinkles, freckles, age spots and also discolorations. I also know that we all love to have that glow during the summer, we all love to look like we spent the last day at the beach or at the pool. Trust me, it's better to put some blush or bronzer on your cheeks than to look older than you are. Sunscreen may not be cool, but being burnt is NOT cool. So take care of your skin and it will thank you in the future!



4. Don't touch it!


This is the best tip you should follow and I know for some people to never touch their face sounds kind of weird. In my case it was very hard to control this bad habit, my tip for those ladies that need it is to always take the time for makeup. Always remember that you can ruin your makeup every time you touch your face. After a few weeks it will be a habit for you to have your hands out of your face. Also take note that if you're having an oily hair day and your skin is naturally oily keep your hair out of your face. This habit can make the difference.



5. Water, water and more water


Drinking a lot of water has an effect on your skin too. Your skin is made up of cells, these skin cells are made of water. In my case I'm still working on it. For those who need a tip to drink more water, having a bottle of water at work or at school always helps me. Just make sure you keep it full all the time. The more you drink water, the less hydration problems you'll have.



Do you have more tips for better looking facial skin?