For a very long time I have been embarrassed with my eyebrows because they had this triangular shape. I had tried so hard to get rid of this shape that over time my eyebrows have evolved until I found something that I was happy with. Having had a lot of experience dealing with my eyebrows, I would like to share some tricks that have changed my life!


1. The shape of your eyebrows:


The shape of your face should help you choose the right shape for your eyebrows, as they are meant to balance out your face. If you have a square face, you should have round eyebrows, and the opposite is true if you have a round shaped face. Below is an image that can help you identify which shape your eyebrows should be.

1. The Shape of your Eyebrow | Tips for Perfect Looking Eyebrows



2. The color of your eyebrows:


The color of your eyebrows is a crucial step in achieving a great look!

You should note that the natural color of your eyebrows is typically the best one for you. However, for you ladies that are just like me and lack eyebrows, if you have dark hair you should choose a color that is 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. For ladies with light hair, you should choose 1-2 shades darker than your hair color.

For those ladies who do not have experience with eyebrow makeup, I would suggest to start with powder because it is more discrete and it will allow you to start experimenting with your eyebrows. Once you find a look that suits you, you can leave the powder and switch on over to eyebrow pencils!

2. The Color of your Eyebrow | Tips for Perfect Looking Eyebrows



3. Maintaining your eyebrows:


There are many ways to maintain your eyebrows. You can use tweezers, in which case I strongly suggest you to keep this pair clean and only for your eyebrows. You can also try threading, which is a very fast and cheap way to get your eyebrows done. There are some places in Montreal where you can get this done for as low as $5. Click here to see one of my favorite places to get your eyebrows threaded!

Another option is waxing, which also provides a fast alternative. I don't recommend this method to people with sensitive skin because, as an example, the day I waxed my eyebrows I couldn't do anything for 3 days as my eyebrows were completely irritated and red.

3. How to have beautiful Eyebrows| Tips for Perfect Looking Eyebrows



4. Trim your eyebrows:


Having large eyebrows is trending now, and I'm sure some ladies wished they had fuller and thicker eyebrows. On the other hand, there are also ladies that have eyebrows that are way too long and thick. In this case, the best way to trim them is by using a Spoolie brush to comb the hair upwards and in the direction of the brow. Then you should cut the hairs that are longer than other or the ones that hang over the edge.

If you don't want to trim them, I would suggest using the new brow mascara by Maybelline. This allows me to keep my eyebrows in the right shape and place even if they are long. Click here to view the product!

4. Trim your Eyebrows | Tips for Perfect Looking Eyebrows



5. How to do your eyebrows:


If you choose to do your own eyebrows, you should know these simple rules that will make them look great and natural!

The first important point to know before doing your eyebrows is where they start and where they finish. You should note that you can use your eyeliner and trace an imaginary line between the inside corner of your eye and the side of your nose. If you continue on that line, this should be the inner starting point of your eyebrow.

Repeat this process for your other eye and trace them to see the space between your eyebrows.

To know where your eyebrows should end, you have to trace another imaginary line with the side of your nose, but this time with the outside corner of your eye. This line should give you the exact place where to finish your eyebrow.

If you want to know where to locate your eyebrow arch you should use the same trick, but this time trace a line by the side of your nose and the line should pass through the center of your pupil.

5. How to do your Eyebrows | Tips for Perfect Looking Eyebrows



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