Summer is finally coming to an end and it's time to make room for fall, my favorite season! It is such a colorful season for fashion and nature, the season when everything is allowed! I love fall and that's why today, I'm going to share with you the different ways you can welcome autumn!


Our colors

What I love about fall is all the colors. The leaves are falling and our streets are covered with warm colors. People's styles tend to reflect the season. We switch from our neon polish for oxblood and orangey tones and we do the same for our makeup. Even if everything is allowed, it seems like everyone is putting away their flashy colors and leaning more towards the darker hues - this year, grays, mustard yellows, oxblood and orangeys seem to be the most popular ones on the runways.

Fall 2015 Fashion Colors




One of the things I love about fall is everything to do about Halloween and especially those that take the time to decorate their homes with large Halloween ornaments. Getting dressed up for Halloween has become such a big event! It's great to see the parents involved with their children's costumes.


The time for pumpkins:

It's the perfect time of year for pumpkin lovers! There are such great recepies with pumpkin that are incredible. In the fall, you can also find an amazing array of pumpkin-based candles, decorations and scented products. You won't believe how many products you can find! I have shared with you on our Pinterest the best pumpkin recipes to try this year! You'll quickly realize I have a soft spot for desserts! Click here to see my favorite recipes.

Pumpkin Swiss Roll



Fall wardrobe

The best way to start the fall season is to pull out your whole wardrobe and start sorting. Take out your sweaters and ¾ length jackets, put away your sandals and take out your ankle boots. Fall is truly the only season where everything is allowed. You could mix it up by wearing shorts with tights! As for me, I love dressing a bit more casually, with my jeans and layering with a sweater. At Joshua Perets, we have gorgeous styles with long or ¾ sleeves that will go perfectly with your jeans and ponchos. In addition to being very comfortable and stylish, they are also very good quality. I just love them! To have a look at our fashion tops, click here.

Joshua Perets Fall Fashion Top


How about you ? How do you welcome the fall?