My father is like my hero, he's always there to save me. I know he's not perfect, but he always tries to be the best. It's almost father's day and we all know how difficult it is to choose a gift. So here are my top 10 ideas for your daddies.


The Mechanic


The mechanic dad is the one who spends more time in his garage than any other place in the house. And if you have the mechanic dad, his car is probably also his"baby". So why not give him a car wash season pass? Petro Canada has it and I think it's very original! If you have a smaller budget you can surprise him by washing his car, or also buy him some tools he needs. Trust me a mechanic dad never has too many tools!

The Mechanic | Top 10 of the best gifts for father's days



The movie addict


For this type of father, there is no better activity for him than to watch a good movie at home or at the theater. It can be a good idea to invite him to the theater and spend some time with him. Another good idea would be to give him a Netflix gift card, so he can watch the movie or movies he really wants to see at home. You can find netflix gift cards at Walmart or home depot and a few Pharmaprix!



The handyman


If your dad loves to renovate the house, buy him some work tools, at this time of the year the stores always have good promotions on tools! Remember the handy man never has enough tools!



The workaholic dad


This dad works too much and never stops! Give him a reason to stop working.. Plan a camping trip or fishing day with him and tell him you want to spend some time with him! Surprise him with your plans!

Workaholic dad |  Top 10 of the best gifts for father's days



The foodie dad


If you have a foodie dad, invite him to a new restaurant, ask him to choose the place! Spend some quality time with him! If you have a smaller budget, cook him his favorite meal and surprise him!



The BBQ Lover


There's one sure way to know if your father loves BBQ... If he BBQ in winter, he is a BBQ lover! My idea is to give him BBQ cooking utensils. You have a lot of variety and prices. Another Idea, is to make him a custom apron, you can write something funny on it or his name. On Wordans you can order it , and they also give you some ideas!

BBQ Dad |  Top 10 of the best gifts for father's days



Sports, Sports and more Sports!


If your father loves watching or playing a particular sport, give him tickets to go see his favorite team! I know already what you're thinking, tickets are too expensive, but don't worry a cup of coffee with the logo or anything else from his team or his sport can be nice too. Make him feel special, take the time to choose his gift!

Sports Dad |  Top 10 of the best gifts for father's daysSports Dad |  Top 10 of the best gifts for father's days



The Fashion man


Is your dad better dressed than you are? If your dad only wears expensive brand clothes, I know you may be scared about the price of his gift! Don't worry I also have a good idea for you, you can choose a nice belt! I know that Simons have nice belts and also amazon has good prices!

Fashion Dad |  Top 10 of the best gifts for father's days



The hi-tech dad


The hi-tech dad always has the newest gadgets, you have no choice but to make sure his gift is something new and very useful. I always go to Think Geek for hi-tech gifts, they always have the best products and for great prices! Don't forget to order in advance, the shipping can take a few days!




The picture dad


If he always takes pictures, and he has the worst and the best pictures of you? Buy him a frame and put a nice picture inside. You can order him a custom cell phone case with the best family picture. They have them at the Magenta store or online at Wordans.

The High-Tech Dad |  Top 10 of the best gifts for father's days