Hi there girlfriend,

Friday the 13th is coming up and it's creepy…..

Apparently Friday, being the 6th day of the week, refers to evil (666). Moreover, the number 13 represents bad luck. Here's an example, the famous rocket Apollo 13 toke off at 13h13 and was one of the rare lunar missions to fail.

Everybody knows you're supposed to play it safe on this day. But hey… rather than telling you not to go under a ladder or not to pet your favorite black cat, let me suggest some cool spooky activities that will let you re-live Halloween in March!

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    • 1. The Ouija game


The Ouija game uses a board with letters and numbers to spell out words. You're supposed to call out spirits and they are suppose to move the pointer to answer all your questions. This game is funny and at times can be pretty terrifying.


Credit: Giphy

Credit: Giphy


    • 2. Ouija the movie


Did you know there's a movie about the Ouija game? This movie is based on legends, facts and people's experiences. Here's a preview:

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      • 3. Scary Story Telling:


Invite your friends to an unusual pajama party! Get together, at night, with your friends. Sit around in a circle and each of you can share a scary story. Don't forget your flashlight and pass it around to help create a spooky mood!

Friday the 13th | Joshua Perets

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        • 4. Scary Walks


Grab your bestie you're going on a walk! Did you know that in most of the metropolitan cities, you can join a Ghost Walk? They're actually guided tours that mix urban legends and scariest places in the city that you're visiting.

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For my Montreal fans here's an article on this interest.

      • 5. The Classic:


With family or friends, the classic event, is to treat yourself to the famous Friday the 13th series. It actually contains 13 movies (umh yep… 13). Click here to see the list.