One of the most important purchases before winter is probably your coat, especially because in Quebec, winter is extremely long and cold. Today, I will talk to you about important points to check when you select a coat and most of all, the right questions to ask before and when you buy a coat.


The need:

The first important point is to ask the following questions, even before you go out to shop for a winter coat:

1.Which activities am I going to do outside this winter while wearing this coat?

• Winter sports.

• Go out for a walk, wait for the bus or walk you dog.

• Go out by car.

• Go out for special occasions.

• Work outdoors.

2. What type of coat am I looking for?

• An activewear coat.

• A stylish coat.

• An ordinary coat.

3. How many winters will this coat be for?

• Several winters.

• I change coats every year.

After answering these questions, you will have a better idea of the type of coat that you want and where you are going to go shopping. Some of you will definitely not go skiing every week but will nonetheless do a few things outdoors during the winter. If that's your case, I suggest that you don't necessarily go for an activewear coat but rather an ordinary coat that will also work when you need to exercise outdoors. The same applies for those who want an everyday winter coat but also like to wear something stylish from time to time. I would reccomend an ordinary coat but with a longer cut and an elegant style rather than a relaxed one.

For those looking for an ordinary coat, make sure to check out our brand new coats for this season! Ladies coats can be found here, and the girl coats can be found here.

New Girls Coat in Black | Joshua Perets

Girls Joshua Perets Basic Jacket in Black


The Budget:

Before even going to a store to look for your coat, you must decide what your budget is. This is one of the first things that a sales clerk will ask you in order to help you choose wisely. Consider whether you might want to invest for just one year or for two or three – that can also have an impact on how much money to spend on a coat. Most of the time, the price of the coat varies according to its quality. With an established budget, you will have a better idea of the stores and brands you can afford to browse. For those with a bigger budget for their coat, take into account which brand offers you the best warranty among those you are going to look at.


Type and Style:

Once more, before you even step out to go shopping for a new coat, one important thing to know is to have a clear idea of the type of coat that you're looking for. Is it very important for you that the coat be waterproof or just water-resistant? Know whether you want a very colorful coat or a plainer one. If you want a bright colored coat but are looking to keep the coat over several years, you should consider whether you might get tired of that color. Know whether you want a shor or long coat. Do you want a hood? If your style is always understated, maybe you can go for a more extravagant style for your coat? Conversely, for those with a more colorful style, maybe you can choose a more simple style for your coat? Also think whether it is important for you to have large pockets, for your Opus card or your mobile phone. For those shopping for their child's coat, look at the pockets carefully. Can hands fit properly inside or can they be closed?

Stylish LXIV Black Jacket

LXIV Stylish Black Coat



When shopping, whether it is online or in stores, there are also a few little tricks that you can use. One is to wear a thick jacket or sweater, so you can find out whether you are comfortable in your coat. Take some time to read the coat's labels, in particular cleaning instructions. For those buying online, always take time to look at size charts and check which one is best for you. For mothers shopping for their children, always go for a larger size in case your child grows faster this winter. Take time to read the exchange or return policies. Finally, make sure that you buy a winter coat, not a fall one. At this time of the year, the difference is not always obvious.

For those who need additional help with regards to the quality of the coats and how to read labels, stay tuned as this will be the subject of one of my next posts!