We all know our mommy, and we all know how difficult it is to make her feel special. Before choosing her gift, think about what type of mother you may have, here are some suggestions and don't forget mother's day is once a year, so don't wait until the last minute to go get that special gift.

1. The Chef Mom:


Your mom is always in the kitchen? Your lunches are the best at school or at work? The best way to surprise your mother if she loves to cook, is showing her that you know what she likes. You can buy her a new recipe book or new kitchen gadgets. Low budget? Don't worry, look for a new recipe on the internet, buy the ingredients and surprise your mother by making the recipe with her.


The Chef Mom | Top 10 of the best gifts for mother's days.



2. The Outdoor Mom:


In the winter she loves skiing and in the summer camping. She loves doing outdoors activities? The best way to share happiness on mother's day is staying outside. Go for a bike ride! I know it's still cold outside so why not finish the night with a nice cup of hot chocolate!


3. The Fit Mom:


The fit mom trains every day of the week, she is in great shape and sometimes people think she's your sister. Why not check out our store? We have clothes for all types of women including the one that trains more than you do. Visit JoshuaPerets.com for all sizes, all budgets and also gift cards!

The FIt Mom | Top 10 of the best gifts for mother's days.



4. The Artistic Mom:


She loves art exhibitions and spends time and money buying beautiful paintings. The best way to make her feel special is sharing this passion with her. Buy 2 tickets for an exhibition and surprise your mother with it. Remember if you are still in school don't forget that some museums offer student prices!


5. The Happy Feet Mom:


This type of mom is very fun, she dances all the time, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and probably also in the shower. If dancing makes her happy, then that's your answer. Give her dance lessons; she will be impressed and very happy. If your budget is small, I suggest free dance lessons which can be found by clicking here.

The Happy Feet Mom| Top 10 of the best gifts for mother's days.



6. The Fashion Mom:


She loves brands, shopping and she has more clothes than all your family put together? If she loves fashion she probably loves fashion shows too. My suggestion for your gift would be to go with her to a fashion show, Mode Montreal has all the news about exhibitions and fashion shows. There are many places to go with your fashion mom. So share that passion with her.

The Fashion Mom | Top 10 of the best gifts for mother's days.


7. The DIY Mom:


She loves art, painting, scrapbooking, drawing, jewelry making or knitting? Be original, try to impress her too. Make her a handmade gift certificate or give her classes for that passion. The Micheals store offers many courses at good prices and some are even free!

The DIY Mom | Top 10 of the best gifts for mother's days.



8. The Foodie Mom:


If she adores restaurants, snacks, or new recipes? The best way to make her happy is to discover a new restaurant together. If there's one thing you can't miss in Montreal or anywhere else is the abundance of restaurants. You could choose a type of food from a different country and look for a restaurant that serves that type of food. Low budget? Invite her for a dessert! Take her for a ride to a new bakery shop.


9. The Green Mom:


She buys bio, loves plants and recycling is important to her. The best way to surprise your mom is to give her beautiful flowers, give her a nice plant or go to the Botanical Garden. You will spend amazing time together! Also remember if you're still going to school, they have special student prices!


10. The High Tech Mom:


Your mother has cooler gadgets than you? She makes you jealous, with her ipad, her apps and her brand new curved smart 4k ultra hd tv? The best way to impress her is giving her a gadget she doesn't know about. I suggest you take a look at Thinkgeek.com They have the best high-tech gifts and they have a big variety and the best prices. Don't forget that buying online means shipping, so remember to order in advance.