This year's (2015-2016) fall-winter New York's fashion week was a bit dull. I still noted 6 memorable moments provided by our favorite celebs.

1)North West is over it:

I don't know why mom Kim Kardashian thought it was a good idea to bring her year and a half old child to her daddy's fashion show (Kayne West), but one thing is for sure North West wasn't up for it. She didn't stop crying. Can you blame the toddler? All she wanted to do is play. Funniest part? Anna Wintour's (Vogue editor in chief) face that says it all.

Anna is on the right wearing her sun glasses:

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2) This time Kayne West actually showed emotions

Yup, still a West family member! The artist known for not showing many emotions, seemed really sad when asked why Taylor Swift didn't show up to his fashion show.

(See video from 1 :30)

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M. West says he doesn't understand why Taylor didn't show up. Kayne, do I really need to remind you?

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3)The opening ceremony was awesome

Here's an opening ceremony that did not give us the impression we were about to live another fashion week. We had the opportunity to see a ceremony that was in fact a theater play written by Jonah Hill, which featured Elle Fanning and Karlie Kloss, just to name a few.

La Semaine de la mode de New York 2015 | Joshua Perets

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4) Justin Bieber and Naomi Campbell got caught holding hands

The top model Naomi Campbell (44) held Justin Bieber's (20) hand, backstage, at her fashion show. It wasn't long before all the journalists started rumors about the pair being a couple. Don't panic, they're only rumors…

La Semaine de la mode de New York 2015 | Joshua Perets

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5) Jamie Brewer breaks barriers

The actress, playing in the popular tv show American Horror Story, marked the history of fashion. Last week, she was the first model, with Down Syndrome, to ever experience the catwalk. All this should be credited to designer Carrie Hammer. The designer said she preferred to see real role models wear her clothes, rather than top models. We love the idea of embracing life's beautiful differences.

La Semaine de la mode de New York 2015 | Joshua Perets

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6) Nicky Minaj's lacking class in her dress

I don't know what was in Nicky's mind when she chose this dress to wear to Alexander Wang's fashion show. She can surely feel the wind. Coming from this young diva, are we really surprised that she's practically walking around ass-necked? She may want to consider keeping this type of style for the stage.

La Semaine de la mode de New York 2015 | Joshua Perets


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