Prom should be one of the most important moments of high school! So to make sure you don't forget anything, here is your checklist.

• The perfect dress


Make sure it's the color you want, the style you want and the right size. You should try it on with the bra you'll be wearing on prom night and also be sure to share with your girls the style you chose so no one chooses the same as you.




• Your hair!!!


Your hair should be perfect on prom night so make sure you know how you will style them. You don't need to spend a lot of money on your hair, you can try watching tutorials on Youtube and try them yourself or with a friend I'm sure you'll find the one you want.



• Skin


Your prom is probably in a few weeks, so make sure your skin is perfect for that day, try to eat clean to prevent the pimples. Don't tan too much, remember that it's bad for your skin and make sure you don't burn or have unwanted tan lines if you love tanning.



• Accessories!!!


Accessories can make a difference, so on you're special night be sure not to forget them. Don't over exaggerate either, if you decide to wear big earrings don't wear a necklace and if you choose a big necklace try wearing small earrings.



• Makeup, eyebrows


If you want a perfect prom, you have to try your makeup before that. If you never wear makeup, ladies don't put too much of it. You want people to recognize you, so don't try the clown look! hahaha... Make sure you do your eyebrows at least 2-3 days before, especially if you've never done them before.





• Underwear


You are probably going to wear a beautiful dress on prom night, so make sure your underwear is on point for that night also. Especially your bra, make sure you try it with your dress before prom, so you can make sure it goes well with what your wearing.




• Shoes!


Shoes are the most important thing for prom girls! Prom night should be perfect so don't go for something uncomfortable, try something nice and comfy, use them before prom. Wearing your shoes before prom can be the best way to make sure they are right for you.






Something very nice to have at prom is your handbag. In my case, I didn't have one, so let me tell you that I lost my camera... You can use it for your makeup, tampons or anything else you want, it is very helpful.




• Transportation


Don't wait last minute to know how you are going to the event. Make sure to be ready in time if you have a lift, plan everything accordingly, especially if you rent a car with your friends..





• Date or no date?


It is not very important if you have a date or not, the most important thing is for you to enjoy your night. If you have a date for prom, make sure he is someone special, doesn't have to be your boyfriend it can be your cousin or just a friend, someone you will love being with and can enjoy the night.




So ladies are you ready for prom?