These days, it's really easy to become known, with social networks and news spreading more and more quickly, but it's not always the positive things that are shared the most. Today, I decided to talk about Caitlin Prater-Haacke's movement. She's a girl of 16, who has shown me that we always have the choice between seeing the glass half empty or half full, and that it does not take much to make the difference.

Caitlin Prater-Haacke is a student in Airdrie, Alberta. Unfortunately for her, she was bullied. One day she received a shocking and mean comment on Facebook. Even her mother said she was nauseous after reading the message. For her part, Caitlin lost no time in responding to the comment. She says that she very much felt the need to do something about the situation. So, she decided that instead of responding with a comment that was mean and violent too, she would respond kindly. Caitlin used post-its and filled them with kind and positive messages. She said her school had about 800 students, so she only needed 800 post-its. She filled all the lockers in her school with the messages. The day she did it, everyone was smiling. She says she is proud of the movement it created because the positive energy was palpable. Although school administration found the idea poor, there are many who liked her idea. What's more, it's the Airdrie City Council that has most supported her movement. Her positive post-it movement has genuinely been appreciated by many. Even shops, companies and other schools have followed Caitlin's example. Since last year in Airdrie, October 9 is positive post-it day.

Positive Post-it Day

Here are some interesting links about Caitlin Haacke-Prater for those who want to know more about her:

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I find this a really beautiful and inspiring story for us young people. It's proof that you don't have to be rich or a genius to make a change in society. Something as simple as a note on a post-it can change someone's day and can put a smile on someone's face. I invite you to try this idea in your school or in your workplace and share the results with us. Caitlin is an example of someone who takes something positive from a negative situation, and that's why she inspires me.

Positive Post-it Day

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