Hey girlfriend,

No one will miss winter, especially the bitter cold and icy weather. We had it rough this year, but thankfully spring is here!


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Here is a list of a few things we just can't wait to do this spring!

1. School is almost over!


The arrival of spring is always exciting since it means that school is almost over! How awesome is that??!!


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2. Getting ready for your bathing suit:


It's almost time to get your bikini out! Spring might be flower season but, for us, it's also bikini season. We just can't wait to put it on and start working on that tan.

Bathing suit and Bikini season


3. Sleeping Under the Stars:


You don't need to go camping to enjoy a fun night outdoors! Just set up your tent in the backyard, invite your friends and enjoy the stars!

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4. Make a Bonfire:


Making a bonfire can be lots of fun!

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Improvise a cool spring dinner: grill some hot dogs and make some marshmallows smores over the fire!

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5. The Flowers are Blooming!


Don't you just love it when the flowers start blooming and it smells so good outside? It's so pretty and colorful!

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The flowers are blooming at Joshua Perets! Check out our super comfy and cute floral tops!


The Flowers are Blooming!

6. Plan a Picnic:


Spring is the perfect season for picnics. It's a great way to enjoy great food and the outdoors!

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7. Go Biking:


I bet you can't wait to go biking! Bike rides are great: fresh air, exercise and lots of fun.


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8. New Collection:


Okay, I might have lied, this one is definitely my favorite. The new JP collection is here and it looks amazing! Dressing up has never been so easy. Not only will you be the most comfy of your entourage, but you'll also be the most stylish!


New Collection!

What's your favorite piece of the new collection? What will you get involved with this spring?