Hello music lover!

We have a very special surprise for you,

As the winter months come to an end, what better way to celebrate than by offering you some awesome new tunes!

Recently we had the chance to sit down with DJ OhB, our very own store DJ, and we asked him a handful of questions. DJ OhB is responsible for all the awesome music that you hear in your favorite Joshua Perets store.

Below the Q & A, you will have access to a few mixes from DJ OhB. You can listen to or download these awesome beats for FREE! Hope you'll enjoy and happy listening :)!


    • 1. Hi OhB, so you're name is not really known in the party scene of Montreal. Can you tell us who DJ OhB is?


Yeah, I haven't really made my official entrance into the scene just yet. I was born and raised in Montreal, but I moved to Ottawa 5 years ago for school. I started DJing as a hobby, but soon enough, I became really good at it and decided to DJ while I was finishing up my education.


    • 2. Are you planning on moving back to Montreal?


Yes of course! I'll be back in town by the end of the year. I cannot wait to DJ for such an awesome party city.


      • 3. How do you plan to make your big entrance to the Montreal party scene?


I have so much planned for my return back home. I've been in contact with a few venues but for now, I've totally cleaned up my Soundcloud page and plan to publish music regularly. I'm also starting off this new page where I'll be posting the Joshua Perets mixes so everyone could enjoy them for free!

Keep your ears open, DJ OhB is coming to Montreal!


        • 4. Montreal is known to be a great party city. What kind of music will you be DJing in Montreal?


Well, that's a tough question to answer because I'm into so many different kinds of music. I adapt my style to the place I'm playing at. But, you can always recognize DJ OhB by its funky vibe!


      • 5. How can you describe this 'Funky Vibe' ? What are some of your favorite genres?


I like to maintain the bumpy bass lines and claps to keep the people and the party moving. I love house music and all the variations of it. E.g. Deep house, tech house, indie, electronica, the list goes on. There's good and bad music in every genre, and I feel that good music can be appreciated by everyone no matter what they typically listen to.


      • 6. Our fans are probably wondering why you got interested in making these mixes for their favorite store… So why did you create these mixes for Joshua Perets?


Ha Ha, that's a great question! My two younger sisters are just so in love with everything 'Joshua Perets'! Since they like it so much, I like to take them shopping at the JP stores and I just felt like the music I DJed would fit the JP vibe pretty well! I felt like it would be fun to start working on this project.


      • 7. What were your sisters' reactions when you told them you would be mixing the music for the JP stores?


OhB: They were thrilled! They also begged me to meet Joshua, ahah! I was happy too because they seemed to really enjoy the beats I created for the company!


JP: Ah ah, that's awesome! We hope our fans will love it as much as your sisters!