Today I'm going to share a personal part of my life with you, a few years ago I made a decision that completely changed my life. I decided to have a healthy weight. For someone who never trained before it was really hard to start, but after losing 50 pounds I finally did it! So just for you, here are my 8 tips to stay in shape and not give up!


1. Train in the morning


Training in the morning seems very difficult for bed lovers, but trust me if you start the day doing the hardest thing you will keep that motivation. I'm a young woman and everyday is different. My schedule changes all the time so I just have to wake up 45 minutes before my regular hour. If morning doesn't work for you, choose the best moment in the day that works. So you can put a check mark for your training session. I advise to start training with small sessions and go up gradually.



2. Always take the time to make your lunch


When you're trying to have a permanent change in your diet, never ever leave the house without your lunch. This tip is about learning how to eat. Take the time to buy the things you need for the whole week. Buy fruits, nuts, eggs, milk, etc.. Make sure to have a lot of good things to eat during a long day of work or study. Take the time, do it for you!



3. Water, water and more water!


Drink water! Not coffee, avoid diet drinks and juice... Drink water! Water is the best way to stay healthy. If you are like me and you are always forgetting to drink water, buy a bottle. Make sure you drink water all day, make it a habit! Add lemon, cucumber and mint.



4. Find a workout you like


There are no more secrets about being healthy, eating well and training hard! My advice to you is to work out 3 times a week for an hour. Find the sport or the activity that suits you, it's better to start slowly and with something you love, then find something for only a month and then give up. Think, if the gym is for you or running outside is better? Try steps or Zumba, why not? Trust me, it's not easy, but you have to try, find what you like and JUST DO IT!



5. Cheat!


This is very important rule! If you're embarking on this new path, then learning to eat well and to cheat occasionally is important! Love yourself and accept that it takes time to see the results. Trust me it isn't an ice cream that will make you gain weight. Don't be a fanatic about calories, eat something you like once a week.



6. Be patient and love yourself!


You won't see any changes the day you decide to stop eating chocolate chip cookies on your break. Be patient with your body, continue training and eating well. Don't give up and give yourself time because one day you will start to see the difference and the results will show.

6. Be patient and love yourself! | 8 Tips Stay in Shape and not Give up



7. Don't eat before bedtime


Try to have your dinner early, it's my best suggestion, at least 3 hours before going to bed. Give your body time to digest. This can help many of you see the results faster!

7. Don't eat before bed time | 8 Tips Stay in Shape and not Give up



8.Share your decision


Yes, it's not a secret, tell your friends, your kids, your parents that you're trying to stay in shape and also never give up. Tell the people you love how important is for you to keep training and eat well. Trust me they will help you... If they love you they will help you and they will be a strong motivating factor! There is nothing better than to having the support of your loved ones.



Don't tell me you can't because you can. Do it for you and nobody else!