I'm not a very high-tech person, but I'm lucky because my sister and boyfriend are two high-tech individuals who always help me keeping up to date with technology. Here are my top 10 free apps that I always keep on my cell phone.


1. Flipp


Flipp is one of my favorite apps, especially because I love baking, so I'm always looking for the best prices for sugar, eggs or flour. Flipp is very simple you only have to enter your postal code and you have all the flyers from all the stores near you, you can also search for what you're looking for and the app gives you the best prices.

1. Flipp |  My top 10 free apps


2. Google maps


Why Google maps? First, because the app is always up to date, so you can always find the places you're looking for, get the best routes and get the opening hours. You can also get the comments from the place and the phone number in case you need to call. Another thing I love on Google maps is the street view, it's very useful when you look for a new address.

2. Google Maps |  My top 10 free apps


3. Bank app


My bank is BMO so it's very practical to have this app on my cell phone. You can use it to see your account, pay your bills and also see if you received your pay in time. This is a must on your phone.

3. BMO Banking App |  My top 10 free apps 3. RBC Banking App |  My top 10 free apps3. CIBC Banking App |  My top 10 free apps3. Scotia Banking App |  My top 10 free apps3. TD Banking App |  My top 10 free apps


4. Gas buddy


If you own a car this is the coolest app to have. This happens to me all the time I'm close to two gas stations and I don't know where to go, the best way to check, is with gas buddy. This app also tells you if the gas price is going very up at night.

4. Gas Buddy |  My top 10 free apps


5. My contact backup


My contact backup is almost like your icloud for apple users, just remember that if on one bad day you lose your phone and change for android my contact backup can save your life! So it's not a bad idea to have it on your phone!

5. My Contact Backup | My top 10 free apps


6. Parking Montreal


We all know how difficult it is to find parking in Montreal, this app helps you find parking and you don't want to go back outside just to put more change in the meter. Especially in winter, I use it everywhere to pay from my phone, you can also set an alarm to make sure you don't receive a parking ticket.

6. Parking Montreal | My top 10 free apps


7. Your phone service app


I always keep the Fido app on my cell phone. This app is the easiest way for me to know how much data I still have or how much I need to pay. Having your phone service app is always useful.

7. Rogers Phone Service App | My top 10 free apps7. Bell Phone Service App | My top 10 free apps7. Fido Phone Service App | My top 10 free apps7. Videotron Phone Service App | My top 10 free apps


8. Spotify


For people like me who always want to listen to the playlist they love, Spotify is the best way. You can also download your songs and listen to them without using your data, which is the best!

8. Spotify | My top 10 free apps


9. Secure safe


Secure safe is an amazing app that always saves my life. With this app I can keep all my passwords in a safe place. This app can be good when you have so many different accounts. This app is practical and can't be open without your password, which is very secure.

9. Secure Safe | My top 10 free apps


10. Yp dine


The best app to choose a restaurant, it gives you the address, it shows you the menu and there is also comments about the restaurants. You can also know the opening hours and keep up to date with new places in Montreal.

10. YP Dine | My top 10 free apps