Summer has finally arrived! And we all love to know what's new and hot in fashion. So today we will talk about nails. Here are 10 styles for your summer nails!


1. 3D designs


3D designs on nails are trending most in salons. They are very expensive but look gorgeous and extravagant at the same time. The 3D design is new this summer so it is possible that in some salons they don't do it yet.

1. 3D Nails | Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



2. Blues


Baby blue is very new for this summer. It's better for the weekends or relax days. Try navy blue for the office? I was surprised to see that blue matte can be very chic too! Matte colors are very in style.

2. Blue Nails | Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



3. Grey nails


Try Gray nails are very in this summer, especially in matte. The color gives you a more serious but classy look all at the same time!

Grey Nails | Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



4. Red nails


Red is the classic one. This color is always good for any occasion. Also if you match it with your lips you will look fabulous!

4. Red Nails |  Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



5. The 'new' French manicure


A new style for nails this summer is French manicure but with different colors! To achieve the new French manicure some people change the beige for another color and others do it with totally different colors.

5. The 'new' french manicure |  Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



6. Patterns


Patterns are in style for this season! What girls like about patterns is the mix of colors and the infinite number of designs you can do with your nails.

Pattern Nails |  Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



7. Peach nails


Peach is hot this summer. This color is beautiful and can be good for your office and also for your weekend look. This color is perfect when you're getting that summer tan.

7. Peach Nails|  Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



8. 10 nails, 5 designs


Doing different styles on each nail is very stylish, more funky and fun. It can be a little risky but, the risk is always good to take if you want to be original, why not give it a try? If is too funky to have 5 different colors, try 5 different designs using only 2-3 colors!

8. 10 Nails, 5 Designs |  Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



9. Greens!


Greens are very summery, especially for a beach day, it can be nice! Remember that your nails don't need to match with your outfit!

9. Green Nails |  Top 10 Summer Nail Styles



10. White nails


White nails? I think it's more for something classy ! The only difficult thing with white polish is that there's no place for mistakes, so ladies take your time!

10. White Nails |  Top 10 Summer Style Nails


To find out more ideas for your summer nails, go visit our Joshua Perets pinterest page!