1) Do something that makes you feel good

This valentine's keep busy by doing anything that makes you feel good. Whether it's by watching some kitty videos or by singing out loud to the newest Justin Bieber track… we won't judge you. If it makes you feel good, go for it, be happy.

To help you check these out:

2) Eat chocolate

Stuff your face, don't hesitate! On a positive note, no one is there to remind you how much chocolate you just ate. If it's comforting, it's all good!

3) Even more chocolate

You feel a bit depressed after a hard valentine's day? Enjoy, there's even more chocolate for you. Don't forget that the day after Valentine's Day, all the little heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate will be at 50-75% off, sweet!

4) Have a candlelight dinner with your best friend

It's not because you're alone that you have to eat alone. Maybe your best friend is the kind of girl to have it all… but don't despair, you can go with another friend

5) Keep dreaming

Don't stop dreaming, you won't change your fate. Watch lots of romantic movies, they're filled with great twists and they always end well.

6) Stay comfortable

It's not necessary to dress up or wear your high heels. You're staying home and you want to be as comfy as possible. So, put on your favorite Joshua Perets sweats and get cozy.

7) Keep faith

You don't need a crown and a white horse to find yourself a prince. One day you'll find the guy that'll treat you the way you deserve, he'll treat you like a princess.

8) Love does exist

Never forget that there's someone out there who loves you, there's us, your family and who knows, maybe a secret admirer!