To have a good and healthy life, you need perseverance, patience, exercise and a healthy diet. These 4 elements together will help you find the perfect balance. In order to achieve the best dietary balance in relation to the exercise you perform, you must first think of the body as a machine. Like any good machine, the body needs the right fuel to function properly. To achieve the best results, make sure you eat right before and after you workout.

Maintaining a healthy diet and excercise routing



For a workout of 1+ hour:


3 to 4 hours before your workout:

If you already have a set workout routine scheduled into your week, it is important that you eat a balanced meal at least 3 to 4 hours before working out. Eating a balance meal simply means having enough proteins, carbohydrates and a little bit of fat on your plate.


1 to 2 hours before:

Those of you with a slow metabolism, I would strongly recommend avoiding a heavy meal so you don't feel too full or bloated while you work out.


Less than an hour before workout:

Carbohydrates are your best friends as they will provide you with a lot of energy during your work out. Fresh or dried fruit can be a good option or you can have a small English muffin with a slice of low-fat cheese.

Pre workout meal



While you work out:

It is always important to drink a lot of water while working out to avoid dehydration. Staying hydrated can also have a great impact on your performance. For those playing high-impact sport which causes you to sweat a lot, remember that all the sweat can amount to 1% of your body water. In other words, drinking a lot of water is vital!


After working out:

After an intense workout, it is important to eat so that you rehydrate your body, restock on your glycogens levels and allow for proper muscle recovery. For those working out on an empty stomach, it is crucial to eat something healthy and not something that is filled with fat and empty calories. I would suggest having yogurt with fruit, cereal, banana, vegetable juice, crackers or cheese.

Good vs. Bad carbohydrates



Your goals

When training, it is important to have clear and understandable goals. Do you want to stay fit? Do you want to increase your muscle mass? Do you want to lose weight? These are factors that will influence your meal sizes and choices. For example, someone seeking to increase their muscle mass by heavy weight lifting must have a protein rich diet. Your diet will/can vary according to your goal, so make sure you know exactly what you need to meet yours.


It is always a good idea to have control over your diet if you're working out on a regular basis. An active lifestyle is the best way to stay healthy, but having a proper diet can also have a great impact on your health. Always think of your health as a little train which has two rails, one of them being your exercise routine and the other being your diet. The more parallel and even your rails are, the better you're going to feel in your own skin.

Good vs. Bad carbohydrates


Remember, you should never hesitate to ask for help regarding your diet or workout. Some people are there to help you, whether it is a coach or a nutritionist. If you come to a point where you want to change up your diet with a more balanced and healthy one, take the time to talk to your friends and family and ask them to help you to stay motivated or even better, to make these changes with you!


What about you, what do you eat prior to working out?