Feeling good about yourself is very important! Start your day fresh and take the time to prepare yourself before school or work can greatly increase your positive energy and your inner confidence! With the stress of school, a new job or when you simply need a change, a good way to feel better is to change your look. Here are some very simple tips that you can adopt to refresh your look without spending a fortune!


1. Hair:


A good starting point for a new look is your hair. You should note that dyeing your hair or giving it a perm is not the only solution. The following are a few suggestions that you can try:

• Parting your hair on the opposite side can increase the volume of your hair and even give you a face lift.

• Bangs or side bangs! This is such a simple change but one that will definitely have a big impact.

• For those with long and straight hair, you can try incorporating the use of hair curlers. This is a simple, cheap and beautiful way to spice up your look.

• Dare to be different, if you are one to always tie your hair, let it fall loose for a change, and vice versa.

Click here for a very interesting article that I would like to share with you about experimenting with hair curlers.

1. Hair - Bangs| Tips on how to refresh your look



2. Makeup:


Makeup or a natural look ? Some people prefer a more natural look with minimal makeup, whereas some prefer a more extravagant style. Whichever side of the spectrum you fall under; there are always small changes that will spice things up. For example, something as simple as changing your eyeliner color from black to blue will instantly get people to notice a change. You can also play around with the tone of your blush. Remember, changes do not need to be radical, small and simple changes will do!

2. Makeup| Tips on how to refresh your look



3. Accessories:


I don't spend much time on selecting the accessories I wear, but from time to time when I'd like to change up my style, this is another great starting point! Having the right accessories allows you to complete your outfit and achieve a different look, every time. Changing your accessories does not need to be expensive, there is so much to choose from that you can definitely find something within your budget. It can be something as simple as changing up your belt or adding a scarf! Remember you can always interchange your accessories between one and the other; adding more is not the only solution.


4. Giving your wardrobe a fresh look!


Altering your clothes by yourself can get tricky and require some degree of skill. I will never forget the one time I took a pair of scissors and ran them through my new top and completely messed it up. This is why I would recommend you test your altering abilities on the clothes that you keep at the back of your closet. For some great Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas, check out our Pinterest Page. If you are looking for some more in depth tutorials on how to do this, you can always check on Youtube. They have a great range of videos on how to modify things like your old blouse, t-shirts and pants.

4. Accessories | Tips on how to refresh your look



5. Your Nails:


When I think of doing my nails, I consider it to be like the icing on the cake; the final touch to my look. I recently realized that the simple fact of wearing your nails at different lengths completely changes the look of your hands. Remember there are many ways to change up your nails some of them include; manicures, varnish or even new polish colors. For some nail inspiration, visit our Pinterest Nails page.

5. Your Nails| Tips on how to refresh your look



Remember, whenever you give yourself a makeover, do it for yourself and no one else! What are some other suggestions you may have when you want to change up your look?