I adore gift exchanges! Whether for a work party or for my family, I always find it difficult to choose the perfect gift for a gift exchange. Especially when I have to choose a gift with a price range between 20$ and 25$. So here are 5 perfect gift ideas for gift exchanges.

A Cup

A cup carefully chosen is a very nice gift. If you know the person you have chosen has a favorite singer or a favorite movie character, then this is the time to take the opportunity and surprise them with a personalized cup. HMV has always lots of special cups, either movie cups, series or music groups.



A Throw Blanket

My second gift idea for a gift exchange is a throw on blanket. It's for the times we want to watch TV and be warm. This is a unisex gift that will be good for a woman or for a man. There are many different stores that offer them, but for my part I love those from Simons, because of the quality and the different styles they have to offer.



A Pillow

A pillow can be something very simple, but do we really take the time to change our pillows frequently? I think that offering someone a pillow can be a perfect gift idea because having a good pillow is essential. It is something we use every night and it is very good to change our pillows for time to time.



We never have too many socks, so I think they could be a very useful gift. At Joshua Perets, we always have socks in stock that are both beautiful and great quality! You can browser our girls socks here, and our ladies socks here.


An Alarm Clock

Today most people have a cell which they can use to set their alarms to wake up in the morning, but I still find that having an alarm clock is so practical. I also think that when using your phone as an alarm clock, you are more inclined to keep it next to your bed and can easily get distracted by browsing your phone before actually going to bed. At "La Source et Canadian Tire" there is a variety of alarm clocks, some are very original and at very affordable prices.